Decanting an Irrevocable Trust: A “Do-Over Trust”

When it comes to irrevocable trusts, many people believe you cannot make changes after it is established. However, that is not the case. You have the option to decant an irrevocable trust, which will allow you to make changes or amends to the original trust. If you’ve never heard of this process before, you probably have many questions. Learn more about decanting irrevocable trusts in the video linked below. Topics discussed include:

– Are trusts Irrevocable?
– Decanting Trusts
– New trust or pre-existing trust?
– Common Law
– Differences from State to State
– Nevada Decanting Statute
– Common Reasons to Decant


If you have questions about decanting irrevocable trusts, contact Peak Trust Company. Our team of trust experts can help answer any questions you may have.