Leading States For Trusts

Alaska, Nevada, and Delaware all share many of the same benefits for the creation and administration of modern trusts. All three state allow for directed trusts, dynasty or perpetual trusts, self-settled asset protection trusts and other sophisticated planning techniques. Another key feature of each of these states is that these states do not impose a state income tax or capital gains tax on trusts (Delaware has a state income tax for Delaware residents, but provides an exemption for trusts for non-residents). This comparison highlights some of the most notable features of trust law in each state.

This comparison provides a high-level overview of the general similarities and differences between the trust laws of Alaska, Nevada, and Delaware. They are leading trust states including some of the best directed trust states. For a more detailed and comprehensive comparison of trust statutes for each state, you can download our Trust Jurisdiction Comparison Guide.

Note: Peak Trust Company cannot provide legal advice and this material should not be construed as such. Jurisdiction-specific law should be discussed with appropriately skilled legal counsel. The differences discussed here are general statements and do not cover the many complexities of the subject. Alaska, Nevada, and Delaware frequently propose and pass updates and clarifications to their respective statutes and regulations. Please consult legal counsel and official state sources for the most up-to-date information on jurisdiction-specific law. Peak Trust Company makes no guarantees as to the completeness or relevance of these statements.