Year End 2022 Estate Planning

In this webinar we discuss 2022 estate planning and year end considerations, including:

  • Pros and cons of annual gifts and nuances such as GST implications
  • Whether practitioners should encourage clients to take steps in anticipation of 2026 reduction in the exemption amount
  • If action can be taken that may reduce the risks of step transaction or reciprocal trust challenges against SLAT and other planning.
  • Ideas in light of the Proposed Clawback Regulations
  • Monitoring trust income in light of trust compressed tax rates, and considering the 65-day rule
  • How to shore up valuation adjustment clauses in year end transactions
  • Valuation issues practitioners should be concerned about (the GRAT CCA and Batty case).
  • Recession as a possible remedy for unintended 2022 transactions
  • Charitable gift planning before year end has always been a common practice but recent cases emphasize the need for practitioners to caution clients to carefully comply with substantiation and other requirements.