About Us

Peak Trust Company (PTC) serves individuals, families and their advisors, by offering tax-favored trust situs in either Nevada or Alaska, flexible and customized trust administration solutions and unparalleled service for a reasonable fee.

We specialize in providing superior trust administration for trusts established pursuant to Alaska or Nevada laws and trusts of other states moved to either Alaska or Nevada (i.e., change of trust situs by naming/appointing PTC as trustee). PTC can generally serve as trustee of trusts from all 50 states and many countries. All of these services are available through PTC without the need for either the trust grantor or the beneficiaries to reside in either Alaska or Nevada.

Our staff is made up of highly credentialed trust professionals. Our goal is to act as a relationship manager, tailoring trust services individually for each client. With each client, we look to offer a relationship that is founded on trust, ethics and personalized answers. At Peak Trust Company, your trust is our core business.