Family Legacy Planning

Our Family Legacy Planning Program is designed to help families pick the next generation of leaders and prepare them, over time, to understand the values and goals of the current family leaders.

Our goal is to help families prepare and transition successfully for future generations.


Our Process:

Preparation & Discovery:

  • Preparation Call & Survey
  • Goal Setting & Ground Rules
  • Mapping Family & Personalities
  • Individual Interviews: discover each member’s life plan and intentions


Purpose & Values:

  • Defining Purpose: What is the shared Family Dream?
  • Family values and causes
  • What factors matter when deciding who will handle family businesses, investments, succession
  • Write family mission statement & constitution
  • Develop more formal governance structures and use other instruments to capture the ideas and decisions that emerged during the planning phase.


Conflict Resolution:

  • Analysis and resolution of family problems which are the result of disagreements about the management of family wealth, transmission of wealth to the next generation, and/or business succession.
  • Understand the impact of emotional and family factors that are in the way of finding a common ground. Address difficult topics, challenge perspectives, and question long standing family “truths” that aren’t relevant or useful any more.


Tangible Takeaways:

  • Family mission statement
  • Family Constitution
  • Video interviews/Story Capture
  • Family Narrative/History
  • Family Tree
  • Checklist of distribution scenarios and their decisions on each – and why
  • Letter of intent from the Legacy Leader, video of intent to help trust administrators

Want to learn more? Check out our article “Legacy Planning: It’s More Than the Money” or call us at 888-544-6775 to speak to a specialist.