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How I’m Changing My Practice, Client Meetings, Client Planning, and More to Address COVID

This webinar will explore steps you might consider for your practice and clients in light of the Coronavirus. Health issues are no doubt of paramount importance for you and your practice. What steps are some firms taking to protect staff and clients? How might you communicate to clients? What might you communicate to clients? How can you hold meetings with clients? How can technology help you continue to practice in the current environment? What are the issues of signing documents in the current environment? While the speakers don’t have answers to many of these difficult questions, we hope that sharing our thoughts, and the steps we are taking, might prove helpful to other practitioners.


Building Your Estate Planning Practice- Marketing Services to Clients Not Paying Estate Tax

Martin Shenkman, Esq., and Valentino Sabuco, Executive Director for The Financial Awareness Foundation that has helped pioneer the ‘fee-only’ financial planning profession over the last 40 years as a practice of CPA firms, through his private practice, syndicated columns, and publishing activities