Who We Serve

Peak Trust Company provides attorneys, financial advisors and families with options, flexibility and access to an expert team who can assist families and their trusted advisors achieve their estate planning goals. Our mission is to execute our client’s vision, protect their wealth, and preserve their legacy. We offer many trust and estate planning services that will fit your financial needs.

When you partner with Peak Trust Company, you can expect us to adhere to our PEAK values:

  • Prompt– Peak respects your time by working with your timeline, accurately assessing risk and avoiding unnecessary and time-consuming compliance hurdles
  • Expert– Experienced with complex and sophisticated planning, we can help you create unique solutions to accomplish your goals
  • Accessible– Peak takes pride in establishing long-term relationships with you, making knowledgeable experts available via a direct phone call who become well acquainted with your clients’ unique situations
  • Knowledgeable– Peak serves as your personal resource center, helping you navigate through the different plan options and complex planning involved by providing sophisticated trust planning expertise



Peak Trust Company offers a full spectrum of trustee services to meet your clients’ needs. Unlike traditional banks and trust companies, at Peak Trust Company, your trust is our core business. This enables us to provide a highly customized delivery process tailored to your specific needs and an unbundled service structure; providing everything you need but only what you want.

Peak provides a superior account opening process with no unnecessary compliance hurdles allowing you to avoid administrative burdens, mistakes, and delays. With Peak you can quickly, easily, and accurately establish trusts for your clients.

Peak offers direct access to trust experts as well as comprehensive resources (sample trusts, jurisdiction guidance) to support you in developing your clients’ trusts.


The Peak Trust Company team is committed to developing a long-term relationship with you and your beneficiaries, offering peace of mind through our experience, expertise, and passion centered around furthering family legacies.  Peak understands the important decisions families face in setting up their trusts and how to help families avoid the pitfalls that can cause family wealth to disappear.

Statistics show that wealth often dissipates across family generations due to family disfunction and bad decisions. Not surprisingly as a family’s wealth increases so does the complexity of managing the wealth and family dynamics. It is our goal to not only facilitate a family’s estate plan, but to reduce, or ideally eliminate, family friction and create family harmony.

Peak Trust Company helps empower families to make better decisions, protect their assets from misuse and ensure those assets are preserved and increased for the benefit of the family’s legacy.

We can answer your questions and help simplify what can often seem complicated or confusing  when it comes to trusts. Some of these key considerations include:

  • Will the trustee understand our family’s unique needs (blended family, special-needs children, couples without children, etc.) and our concerns (how heirs will handle money, possibility of lawsuits in certain businesses and professions, and similar worries) when designing and administering our trust?
  • Can the Trustee remain objective, acting impartially and in the best interest of all beneficiaries, particularly if family conflicts arise?
  • What is the best jurisdiction for our trust? Are there tax implications of selecting one state over another?
  • Does the Trustee have a proven record of properly administering a trust? Can they maintain the required accounting, investment and tax reporting requirements? How well does the Trustee understand wealth management?
  • Does the Trustee understand what it means to be a fiduciary? Can the Trustee navigate the legal obligations and manage assets on the trust’s behalf and for our beneficiaries’ benefits?
  • Can we maintain a long-term relationship with the Trustee? That is, what happens if illness or death interrupts or ends his or her service?

For more helpful information, see the white paper, 8 Reasons to Use a Corporate Trustee.

Financial Advisors

Peak Trust Company offers the experience you need to quickly and accurately establish trusts for your clients. Our trust experts help you overcome complex hurdles so you can manage your clients assets held in fiduciary accounts.

As an independent advisor agnostic trust company, we get you directly to the trust solutions you need to keep you in control of your clients’ assets. You retain clients and manage their assets even if you move firms.

As an advisor-friendly trust company, we provide the trust solutions you need so that you can focus on managing client relationships and investments. Peak Trust Company helps you build lasting relationships with the entire family by assisting you in setting up trusts for the parents while also developing lasting relationships with the heirs.