House Estate Tax Proposal Requires Immediate Action

This webinar examines the proposed $3.5 trillion spending plan proposed by The House Democrats, and the tax implications. To support that package, the Democrats have proposed tax increases to fund a large portion of that plan.

This presentation explores:

  • The House proposal, what might happen, but most important, what advisers should discuss with clients now.
  • Should GRATs and note sales be completed now?
  • Might the changes make future payments in kind from GRATs in payment of annuities and payment of any note that a trust owes to its grantor with appreciated assets income taxable for pre-enactment transactions?
  • Should old GRATs be immunized now?
  • Can mechanisms to unwind transactions be unwound since there does not appear to be retroactive changes?
  • What will become of insurance trusts (ILITs) and what should practitioners recommend now?
  • And much more…