Practical Life Insurance and Estate Planning

Life Insurance is a ubiquitous asset that has unique features and is uniquely (and favorably) treated under many legal systems, including for bankruptcy and for tax purposes. It is also one of the least understood properties with which Americans and their advisors face.

In this webinar, the speakers discuss:

  • Discuss how life insurance is structured, priced and taxed.
  • Provide guidance as to when life insurance should or should not be used and will explain why it almost never will be the magic bullet for avoiding estate tax.
  • Review how various types of insurance (life, disability and long term care) can be integrated into a SLAT (SPAT, DAPT, Hybrid DAPT) trust plan to safeguard the clients and even safeguard the practitioner.
  • Discuss if the trust income tax surcharges enacted as part of the House version of Build Back Better become law, life insurance may have increased importance as a tool to protect trust income from high tax rates.

Peak Trust Company provides trust administration services for trusts holding fixed, variable, and private placement life insurance policies. Due to Alaska and Delaware’s flexible LLC laws and low premium tax, we serve as trustee for many life insurance trusts. Contact Peak Trust Company to learn more.