Trustee Services

Peak Trust
  • Traditional full trustee services (fully managed)
  • Directed trustee services (non-managed)
  • Delegated trustee services
  • Bifurcated/Trifurcated trustee services

Peak Trust Company offers a full spectrum of trustee services ranging from traditional trustee services where Peak has responsibility for all investment management, beneficiary distributions, and administrative matters, to limited trustee services where Peak’s role as trustee is limited in some manner by the terms of the trust document.

Peak Trust Company often serves in a trustee role that is limited in some manner by the terms of the trust document, whether as directed trustee or some other separated trustee role where the trustee duties are bifurcated or trifurcated between several different parties serving as trustee in addition to Peak Trust Company.

As a trustee, Peak Trust Company is held to the highest legal standard of care to administer the trusts in our care for the best interests of the beneficiaries in accordance with the grantor’s intent. The terms of the trust determine any specific duties that we are required to fulfill in our trustee role in addition to general duties required by local, state, or federal law. When serving as trustee Peak takes either full or limited responsibility for decisions and management aspects of the trust in accordance with the parameters of Peak’s role, the terms of the trust, and the grantor’s intent, for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

Peak Trust Company can perform some or all of the following trustee functions for trusts in our care:

  • Take responsibility for custody, management, or investment of the trust assets
  • Exercise discretion over distributions and general administrative decisions for the trust
  • Pay bills, maintain records, and facilitate the preparation of tax returns for the trust
  • Hire professional services and legal counsel on behalf of the trust as needed
  • Coordinate care of beneficiaries in event of incapacitation or disability
  • Allow the grantor to take advantage of preferred trust situs in Alaska or Nevada